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Growing Marijuana – tips for beginners

growing marijuana - tips for beginners

Growing marijuana seedlings

When growing marijuana, you’ll find that the manner in which you grow it will have a significant impact on the quality of it. When you want top shelf quality, it is important to look at the main things that impact the quality of the cannabis bud.

With marijuana, you’ll find it is easier to kill the plant, than it is to grow it. The most common mistakes people make are not giving the plant the right nutrition, either by too much or too little, and exposing it to high levels of heat. You’ll want to read up on those essentials to make sure you don’t make these critical mistakes.

Marijuana Seeds

Now, to begin growing you need to have at least mid-grade seeds available. This will reduce your risk of ending up with a plant that meets your needs. You’ll want to have a low THC level and high CBD levels for pain management, while higher THC levels are essential for psychological conditions. Know which one you want, so that you are planting the best seeds to help you. To ensure you don’t end up selecting the wrong one, it’s a good idea to check out seed banks that can connect you with the best quality seeds available.

The amount of light that your marijuana gets will affect the quality of the buds. This means you need to keep them in the right sunlight for the longest amount of time possible. Natural sunlight tends to be impossible in areas where there are high levels of heat. Instead, begin to test out CFLs and T5s. CFLs are compact florescent lamp bulbs, while T5s are a large fluorescent lamp bulb. Both are available online and in many of your favorite big box stores that sell lightbulbs.

You’ll need several of each to shine consistent light on your plants. This will help to boost potency and help you to give your plants everything they need to survive. This will help ensure that all the marijuana you are growing turns out as close to exceptional as possible. Remember, extreme light levels will grow denser buds.

Now to improve the scent and taste of your cannabis buds, you need to boost their terpene content. To do this, you have to be extremely careful, as the right balance is required, otherwise you end up hitting a new extreme that is problematic. If you don’t understand how to adjust terpene as a beginner learning the basics of growing marijuana, then it is better to focus on the basics first.

Growing Marijuana – Temperature and Humidity

As with most plants, marijuana has both temperature and humidity limits required for growing marijuana. It is important that you pay close attention to both as they will impact your experience growing it.

If you aren’t using CO2, you’ll want to maintain a temperature 65-80°F. 80-90°F when you are using CO2. Keep in mind that you do need to lower temperatures in the weeks leading up to harvesting your buds. At night, you need to lower the temperature to about 68-75°F. However, you need to avoid going much lower than that, as bud rot begins to set in when the temperature hits below 60°F, unless it is a strain specifically designed to thrive in lower temperatures.

As you begin to go through the growing stages, humidity will play a critical role. For the vegetative state, you need to maintain at least 40% humidity otherwise, your plant can experience heat stress and nutrient deficiencies. When the plant hits the flowering stage, you need to be careful to never allow the humidity to go higher than 45%, otherwise, you can experience mold growing on the buds.

Something to note is that when you place your plants indoors, make sure it is somewhere where they will continue to get fresh air. You’ll want to use this to help keep the plants growing and to ensure they are vibrant. At the same time, avoid putting them near air conditioner vents and heater vents. These can cause them to change temperature too quickly and that can lead to the plant dying before it even begins to bud.

Final word

Remember, the marijuana plant doesn’t have to be a complicated plant for you to grow. However, you do need to take the time to practice growing it to ensure that you have consistent results. With a little effort on your part, you’ll be able to grow some of the best cannabis on the market. You might even find that this rivals the top tier stuff.

For more tips on growing Marijuana, check out the Grower Tips Weed Blog or buy a good book on Growing Marijuana Indoors.

Disclaimer: Growing Marijuana in Canada is illegal unless you have a medical license. This site does not endorse illegal activity.