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Legal Medicinal Medical Cannabis Marijuana Grow

Prop.215, Prop.64, S.B.420 Medical medicinal cannabis marijuana Patient. 3 Gal. SOUR OG Harvest/ 2 Gal.. SOUR OG Harvest. Instagram: medicalmikel420. Southern California Riverside County Personal Grow. LED LIGHTING: Meizhi 600w & 900w, Viparspectra 300w & 600w, CFL....

Les Quatre Vins wins big at Spannabis-Barcelona 2018

Terpene-infused wine-maker heralded at one of Europe’s biggest cannabis events Barcelona, Mar. 11, 2018 — Les Quatre Vins went to Spannabis 2018 to launch their line of terpene-infused wines and compete for Best New Product. Les Quatre Vins generated a ton of interest...


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