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Pot Packaging Problems

A Pound of Packaging for A Gram of Bud If you ask some folks in Canada how they feel about cannabis packaging, they’ll tell you they think it’s excessive. They wouldn’t be wrong either. Imagine if you will, buying a gram of bud that you’ve never tried. You place your...

Why Canada Needs Medical and Non-medical cannabis platforms

Non-medical use of cannabis became legal in Canada, so what of the medical patients left without their own market?  Those who were able to jump through tricky shifting legal hurdles, maintaining years of legitimacy for something they truly need. From MMAR through to...

My Doctor is finally signing my ACMPR

Its been over a year since my last operation and getting my body back to normal has been…weird. I have used exercise, a team of physio and massage therapists, a chiropractor, IMS needling, trying to watch my diet, and cannabis to get me back to tip-top shape. The 2-3...


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